Take a look at my journey in London, it’s all about shopping and eating!:-)


So happy to have made a 5 day trip to London! I’ve been in London couple months ago visiting a close friend of mine, wouldn’t think to come back already so soon.

As my husband needed to be there for a business trip and it is right under the school holidays, I decided to accompany him! I have to mention that all this is possible thanks to my parents who babysitted our children!! Thank you mum and dad, love you!!!

Before I start talking about my trip, I want to share some pictures with you what I ate at the airport before our flight. I was in the mood to eat some sushi, so I chose a Miso soup and some simple sushi. It was delicious! I think the pictures can confirm you that too right!?;-)


LONDON, here I come!
First of all, I want to express my satisfaction about the hotel!
We stayed at the CitizenM  (in front of the Tower of London. This hotel is just amazing and suitable for people of all ages with a fresh mind.  I was impressed, as soon you enter at CitizenM, it’s not like entering the classical hotel with classical lobby and reception.

It’s like entering in a big cosy living room, full of cosy couches, plenty of books to read, an open kitchen that’s open 24h and super friendly staff.

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Also liked the bedrooms, very clean.  Everything is controlled by domotica. You have a mini iPad on your bedside cabinet, you control tv, lights, curtains,..

Unfortunately my friend wasn’t in London that week, so I had to keep myself a bit busy. Which wasn’t a problem at all! SHOPPING it is!:-D
I will tell you immediately that I haven’t been on cultural/touristic tours as I visited some nice places with my children last time.  As I was without children, I visited shops, ate lots of delicious food and just relaxed!

So we arrived on Sunday afternoon, as we were a bit tired we stayed in the neighbourhood of Tower Hill.  We had dinner a Wagamama.
As a side starter we took:

Lollipop prawn kushiyaki (left) and Ebi katsu (right)

After we both had a Ramen:
Wagamama Ramen (left) and Chilli Sirloin steak Ramen (right)

To end the day we had two beautiful and tasteful cocktails at the roof bar of the Hotel.
Incredible view!!
You can see the Tower of London where you can visit and see the queen’s jewels.




The next day and the rest of our journey we had a delicious and ‘cosy again’ breakfast at the Citizen M. Just loved the atmosphere.
A picture taken while having breakfast. Don’t you call that cosy!?:-)


Once we finished breakfast, my husband went out for work.  I decided to go and visit the Westfield London shopping centre!! Yay!!:-D:-D

My gosh, 372 shops!!! It was so big I didn’t even manage to see all the shops! Anyway I loved the shopping centre a lot!  Unfortunately I forgot to make some pictures..
But I made this lovely picture of hanging palm lamps in a shop. Would love to have these lamps in my living room!:-)


I did some nice shopping for the children at the Disney store and bought them some of their favorite books of Judy Moody, David Walliams books and somebody requested the Pokémon dictionary!:-D


At lunch I ate a delicious vegetarian Lebanese dish!! MMMmmmm!!

Libanese food

Loved seeing this kind of bar in the middle of the shopping centre, where the seats are actually replaced by Vespa’s!!!;-)


I headed back to the hotel in the afternoon, waiting for my hub to come back.
In the evening we decided to go to Picadilly Circus! Always a lovely place to visit.  We just had a walk and walked a bit also through Chinatown.
By the way, if anyone lost a Pikacu, I found him in the streets of Chinatown!!:-D


We had dinner at BUBBA GUMP! We knew this American restaurant, because we discovered it two years ago when we went to Los Angeles. So for us it was like, let’s revive the tasty memories again!;-)  It’s based on the movie Forest Gump with Tom Hanks.  In the shop you will find a lot of gadgets they sell  and the restaurant is full of quotes that Tom Hanks used to say in the movie.  You will also see the movie playing on tv while you’re waiting for your meal.
They have a very nice system to let the waiters know when you want to order something.
Every table has these kind of targets on the table.  So when you leave the blue one visible ‘Run Forest’ that means you don’t need anything. When you put the red one visible ‘Stop Forest’, you will find a waiter at your table in 0 seconds! So be careful not playing with it!:-D

and here some pics of our tasty dishes!

Tuesday: I decided to spent my morning in Wimbledon. As I went there a couple of times and I love this neighbourhood I decided to go for a walk.
I went in one of my favourite shops there called ‘Chickidee’.  I bought these nice frames:


And this beautiful, but funny mug for my husband! As it was Valentine’s day, I think there was no perfect time to give it to him that day!!


In the evening we went out for dinner at Wahaca’s (Mexican cuisine)! One of my favorite restaurants! There a several Wahaca restaurants in London. We went to Wahaca at the Westfield shopping. Food was delicious. Last time I went to Wahaca in Wimbledon and I must admit, I prefered the one in Wimbledon as the restaurant gives a cosier feeling while you’re eating.

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Wednesday: Today I was in a mood to take a walk.  I went to give a visit to the Big Ben, the London eye and Buckingham palace.

After my walk, I decided to go to Oxford Street where you can find lots of shops to visit.
As I am a lover of NIKE, I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw NIKE town!! A really big Nike shop and If I remember well on 4 floors!?
Ofcourse I did some shopping!:-D

These are my favorite shoes, I even bought them with some discount! YAY!


Nice leggings!


I bought two sportbras and two tops, here some pics of one each.


Thursday: I went to Convent Garden, so beautiful! It was my first time and it is really worth a visit! Full of shops, street artist and streetfood!;)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a plenty of choice of street food. I finally decided to go for the Thai’s street food and it was YUM!:)



As our flight was in the ealy morning the next day. We decided to book our last night at the SOFITEL which is at the airport of Heathrow.  So we checked out thursday afternoon from CitizenM. Again loved this hotel so much!  Made this last picture in the hall way of CitizenM of this lady full of shopping bags. This is indeed how I wanted to leave!:-D


Our early flight back went well and I while in the air, i got even lucky to see the sun rising for another new wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed reading my journey to London!


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