Clafouti with cherries

A french dessert called ‘Clafouti aux cerises’ – Clafouti with cherries. Incredibly fast and easy to make.

How easy can being organized be!?

The bathroom…! All these small¬†objects we don’t know where and how to put or how to organize it and before you realize, they are put all¬†together in a drawer or on a shelf. With a nice furniture (not expensive at all!)¬†and some drawers that I bought at Ikea, I solved my problem! Look and see…

Vegeterian lasagna

Last weekend we had friends over for dinner. Our plan was to play a board game all together, so that meant I needed to prepare an easy, fast and delicious (ofcourse) dish! Vegetarian lasagna it is !

Go healthy!

It’s the 1st of March today and spring¬†is almost here. ¬†After I weighed¬†myself and staring at the scale¬†this morning, I thought ‘Ok not good, some of you need to leave!’